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Apr 30, 2024

Meshy 3: Sculptures, PBR, and Image to 3D


Today, as we celebrate the first anniversary of Meshy, we're excited to unveil Meshy-3, our latest advancement in 3D generative AI. Meshy-3 brings groundbreaking updates to Text to 3D and introduces a new Image to 3D pipeline. Dive into the future with us:

Catch a first glimpse of the Meshy-3 in action.

Text to 3D: Ultra Realism


Sculpture Style

Experience unparalleled detail with our new high-poly model generation, suited for next-gen games and epic film scenes. The sculpture style in Meshy-3 Text to 3D allows users to create high-poly models using Meshy-generated displacement maps. Our vision with this feature is to craft models with photogrammetry quality, complete with crisp PBR maps for stunning realism:

Meshy-3 Sculpture Style: See the breathtaking level of details.

You can use this feature in Text to 3D by picking the "Sculpture" style. It takes Meshy a few minutes to generate the high-poly model, and then you can download the baked model with PBR textures (displacement, normal, curvature, and AO maps included) for your DCC or game engine.

For example, you can create a high-quality sculpture model with Meshy in minutes, and then render in Blender.

Revolutionary PBR Texture Generation

It has always been a challenge to use AI-generated models under dynamic lighting, that's why Meshy-3 Text to 3D allows you to generate PBR (Physically-based rendering) maps. These maps not only enhance the realism of multi-material assets but also boost the level of detail on all surfaces.

How Meshy-3 PBR models adapt to any lighting condition.

Simply select the "PBR" style in Text to 3D to get started.


Superior Mesh and Texture

With Meshy-3, the base mesh and texture quality is further enhanced, pushing the boundaries of 3D AI modeling.

Close-up of texture improvements

Close-up of texture improvements

Improved Mesh and Texture Quality

Image to 3D: Vision to Creation

Meshy-3 brings you a brand-new Image to 3D system, with more natural shapes and clearer textures.

What's more...

Smart healing of textures. Correct AI-induced anomalies like extra eyes or misplaced texture features with our new smart healing tool.

Prompt helper. Struggling with the right words for your 3D prompts? Use our prompt library to compose prompts effortlessly, streamlining your creative process.

Community Badges. Join our vibrant community of creators and earn badges as you create and share.

Community Badges

More Community Badges

As we reflect on this past year since Meshy’s inception in April 2023, we're amazed by the progress and community growth. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what generative AI can achieve in 3D modeling. A huge shoutout to the Meshy team, and a big thank you to you, our fellow users, for being part of the Meshy community!

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About the Author

Dr. Ethan (Yuanming) Hu is a co-founder and serves as the CEO of Meshy. He obtained his Ph.D. in computer graphics from MIT CSAIL in 2021. His Ph.D. research on differentiable GPU programming languages earned him an honorable mention for the SIGGRAPH 2022 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. In 2021, Ethan co-founded Meshy, a company focused on CG software. He's currently focused on building Meshy AI, a world-leading platform in 3D GenAI.
Meshy is a global startup headquartered in San Jose, CA.
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