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Media Kit

Resources for presenting the Meshy brand in a consistent and professional way.


Leave ample space around Meshy brand elements. Whether making them larger or smaller, allow breathing room so they don't appear crowded or cluttered.

These graphics are proprietary assets of Meshy, protected by intellectual property laws. Please avoid modifying or misusing them, including using them as logos for your products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Meshy wordmark

Use the Meshy wordmark whenever referring to Meshy, if space permits. We prefer the horizontal multicolor usage with the brand colors listed below.

Meshy logo

For layouts with limited space or logo grids, you can use the Meshy logomark to represent the brand.

Meshy colors

Meshy's main brand color is a tech-inspired lime green, and the secondary color is a cyberpunk-style flamingo pink. For a quick Meshy look on social media or other places, we suggest using those two colors. Pair them with the deep black shades provided for outlining.

Meshy Lime

RGB 197, 249, 85


Meshy Black

RGB 24, 24, 24


Meshy Pink

RGB 255, 62, 143